City of Danville, Iowa

105 West Shepherd Street, PO Box 265, Danville, IA 52623  |  319-392-4685  |  [email protected]
Danville, IA
City Council
The City of Danville provides your electric, water, sewer, and residential sanitation services.
Contact City Hall at 319-392-4685 if you need to sign up for utilities.
Alliant Energy
Gas Utility Provider

Call 800-822-4348 with your questions.
Danville Telecom
Phone Service Provider

Landline phone service, high speed internet, and I-Wireless services. Call 319-392-4251 with your questions.
Cable TV Provider

Call 800-523-6835 with your questions.

Three Ways to Pay Your Utilities
1. Come to city hall and pay your bill either in person or using the drop box as provided (located next to the flower pot). You can pay either in cash, check, cashier checks or by debit/credit card (fees to be paid by customer).

2. Sign up for ACH withdrawal. Contact city hall if interested.
Authorization for Direct Payment via ACH

3. Go to and fill out the screen with your debit/credit card information. Very user friendly. Process takes five to ten minutes. A service fee is charged for the transaction. The Pay Location Code (PLC) for Danville, IA is: a001s3

Utility Information to New Customers

There are fees incurred to use this service. A listing of current fees is available for you to pick up at city hall during business hours.

Message Update Service
Visit and sign up for this free service. This information can be sent to your cell phone (standard message rates will apply), email, or your paging service (standard message rates will apply).

You may choose to be notified by the City for general information, utility outages or weather notifications. Please note that this information will be sent to you on personnel availability basis and is for informational purposes only.

Regarding any weather notifications: this service will not replace nor is intended to replace the notifications sent out by NOAA weather service. We will provide weather notifications to you when we can.

City Council Meetings
Meet on the First and Third Monday’s of each month, scheduled starting time is 5:30pm at City Hall. However, the time of each meeting is subject to change so contact city hall at 319-392-4685 if you are interested in attending.