City of Danville, Iowa

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Danville, IA
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102 North Main Street

Anne Frank Exhibit
Come visit our Anne Frank exhibit now showing. Our Museum is located at 102 North Main Street. We are now a part of the Museum/Library. Check out this site for more information and updated pictures:

The Anne Frank Museum and Activity Room are now completed and ready to be used! The Anne Frank Museum is available for touring and the Activity Room’s ready to rent. To use the Activity Room or to ask your questions, call Candy Huber at 319-457-2257 or Jean Ita at 319-572-0807.

The Anne Frank Museum can have group tours by calling Bob and Janet Hesler at 319-392-4577. Individuals can tour the Anne Frank Museum during regular library hours of M-F 2-5 pm or Saturday morning 10-noon.

Some of our ongoing projects include the maintenance of our Danville Museum. If you would like to help in any way, please contact Mike Miltenberger at the Danville Bank at 319-392-4261 or Bob Hesler at 319-392-4577, or Ben Heckart at IEA Wealth Mgt at 319-392-4847. Thank you in advance for any contributions, our grandchildren will appreciate hearing and seeing about Danville and the tales of the people who settled the Danville area.